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Flash Movie Player 1.5

Player for Flash games and animations
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Opens FLV and SWF videos, animations, and games. Creates playlists and plays the items on it in random order or in a loop. Captures screenshots form the played videos.

Flash Movie Player is a free application to play SWF videos, based on the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. It offers a multilingual interface with support for 39 languages. Anyone could use this application without any hassle, as no special skills are needed. As for the interface, it resembles the classic skin of "Windows Media Player".

It includes a built-in play list editor, and you can configure it to play your videos in random order, shuffle mode, or loop mode. This player has exceedingly simple controls for navigating the movie back and forth. It supports rewinding any video, be it a standard SWF file, a Flash game, or an exe projector file. The playback audio levels and the size of the window can be easily adjusted.

Besides, there are some more advantages that you will not find easily in similar players. This tool not only gives you more control over the viewing of your videos, but it also offers you the possibility of creating screenshots of any frame, and of setting itself as your default Windows screen saver to play Flash animations while the computer is not in use.

The beauty of this application lies in its simple set of controls, which even supports drag and drop. Finally, it works fine with low system requirements.

Prasanna Fadnis
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